Access to public areas is available to everyone

Elevators for public use make access and mobility in urban places such as airports, train and bus stations and markets easier. They enable access to a large number of people and are often in operation. When making public elevators, we pay special attention to durability and maximum endurance. Lifts for public use are also used by people with mobility issues and the disabled, so they need to be adapted to their use. By installing vertical buttons and safety doors, using public lifts is made easier for the disabled.

Custom-made elevator to fit into the environment

Every public space is specific and demands an elevator which fits into its architectural look. The SIGET DIZALA company can install elevators in public spaces on a turnkey basis, which means that we coordinate and manage all the necessary work. Every elevator is unique because we custom-make it and we offer the most suitable technical solution for public spaces. The elevator shaft can be made of concrete, a metal construction or glass, depending on the client’s wishes.

The SIGET DIZALA company ensures the warranty, maintenance and acquisition of spare parts.


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