You want an elevator, but you don’t know which type of elevator is best for your building? You need a specific elevator because of construction restrictions? Contact us , and our engineers will go out in the field, counsel you and offer the best technical solution.


We make major and executable elevator projects needed to finalize the installation. Our team of experience engineers will help you find the best solution for your space, as well as the best way to incorporate the elevator into the interior of your building.

Elevator installation

We carry out the elevator installation in accordance with the highest safety standards and in the shortest possible timeframe. Since the installation is done by hand, our experienced and professional installer chooses the most suitable installation method for each individual situation.

Elevator maintenance

We offer maintenance services for all our elevators. Servicing the lift regularly ensures its flawless operation and the safety of the elevator. According to the elevator safety code, it is the building co-owners’ obligation to ensure regular elevator servicing and technical inspection. Regular elevator servicing is done once a month! After the inspection, the servicer completes a report on the inspection in which they list possible shortcomings and the process of repairing the elevator and a deadline for removing problems. Most elevator maintenance work is done immediately, but if that is not possible, the elevator is placed out of function and repairs are done in the shortest possible timeframe. Co-owners remove shortcomings on their own expenses.