The elevator cabin is the only elevator component the average user can see. For this reason, the cabin, except with its mechanical properties, needs to meet aesthetic requirements for an elevator ride to be pleasant. People often suffer from phobias caused by entering dark cabins for fear of elevator jams. Beautifully done and lighted cabins help relieve those fears. Following buyers’ requirements, we use different types of materials for furnishing cabins from the inside. These are usually glass, i.e. mirrors, wood, stainless steel, ceramics, but they can also be done with polymers coating the interior of the cabin’s sheet metal or color coated sheet metal.
We build elevator cabins for many installers and partners who install them.

Other components

The user doesn’t come in contact with the other elevator components, but they’re necessary for the elevator to operate comfortably and safely.
For our clients we deliver and manufacture:

  • elevator cabin frames
  • counterweights
  • manual revolving doors
  • consoles
  • machine base
  • sheaves
  • speed traps
  • elevator drives
  • other components

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