A basic means of life

Every person should have the possibility to access their apartment, workspace or public space easily. Elevators for the disabled offer easier vertical transportation for people with reduced mobility. They are perfect for the elderly, people with reduced mobility and individuals in wheelchairs. We make lifts for the disabled according to your needs and the technical possibilities of installation. Only an individualistic approach will provide you with an elevator which will make moving and using the elevator as easy as possible. A disabled lift can have special features such as a wider entrance or vertical buttons.

Simple installation and affordable price

A lift for the disabled and those with reduced mobility is usually installed into residential buildings, houses, nursing homes, hotels and other public spaces. An elevator for the disabled is simple to install and it requires minimal construction work, which makes the installation itself quicker, and the price affordable. An elevator for the disabled can be installed into a concrete shaft or onto a self-supporting metal construction.

The SIGET DIZALA company ensures the warranty, maintenance and acquisition of spare parts.


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