SIGET DIZALA specializes in the design and production of custom-made elevators that fit customers’ needs. We can manufacture complete elevators according to your wishes, or we can deliver only necessary components as per request. The dedication to quality, knowledge and experience of our employees enable the realization of the most challenging and unique projects and ensure the reliability and durability of the elevators we produce.


Our expert engineers inspect the building, design a technical solution, advise you and design a project according to your wishes and installation possibilities.


More than 27 years of experience in producing elevators has enabled us to manufacture complete elevators that fit customers’ needs, various components and elevator constructions.


The installation of elevators is done in accordance with the highest safety standards, and with regular maintenance we ensure the safety and impeccable function of the elevators.




Complete elevators

The knowledge and experience of our employees enable us to produce even the most challenging and unique elevators designed to fit your needs. We specialize in making panoramic, freight elevators with high capacities, and in making elevators for existing buildings. We deliver complete elevators or components for various installers as well as for many global companies.

Elevator components

Following the wishes of our customers, we can manufacture complete elevators or just deliver the necessary components like cabins, cabin openings, single or double hand-operated doors, machine stands, guide rail consoles and other mechanical parts. Our products are used for the overhaul and modernization of elevators, as well as for the installation of new elevators.


If the building does not have an existing brick shaft, we produce elevators by installing a steel construction to the elevator. The steel construction serves as a shaft for the elevator. As per customers’ wishes, we also make constructions for mobile operators and antenna carriers.


We have been successfully cooperating with the company SIGET DIZALA for many years. They deliver over 60 complete elevators to us in a short timeframe, and they can be held to the highest standards. They give us expert advice which helps us solve problems in existing solutions or in installing new elevators. We can completely rely on the expertise, competency and know-how of their engineers when solving even the most complex situations. With their professional and individual approach they won our loyalty and a satisfied partner.

Željko Kurtanjek

CEO, ABS Aufzugsservice OHG

As an engineer at SIGET DIZALA, I have the ability to apply theoretical solutions to practical situations. I also have freedom in construction and the opportunity for creative thinking. The access to new technologies and cooperation with experienced mentors have provided me with the opportunity to continually learn and grow. It is my pleasure to work in a company that has a familiar work environment and a stimulating atmosphere. Our team is as harmonious in the office as we are at our regular football team building with business partners.

Boris Markotić

employee, engineer, SIGET DIZALA Ltd.

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