Elevators for existing buildings

Having a lift in a building makes access easier for the elderly and disabled, as well as for families with children. Occupants will notice the advantages of having an elevator in the building right away. Access to every apartment will become easier, and the value of the building will also increase.

Elevators for office buildings

The SIGET DIZALA company designs, produces and installs elevators for all types of commercial objects such as office buildings, shopping centres and hotels, which have a large base of users and a need for maximum functionality.


Panoramic elevators

Panoramic elevators are one of the most prestigious types of elevators. SIGET DIZALA specializes in making panoramic lifts, and our employees have many years of experience making panoramic elevators according to customers’ needs and wishes.


Home elevators

Home elevators are practical and functional solutions for vertical transportation of persons and cargo. They are ideal for the elderly and disabled. Elevators for homes increase the value of the building into which they are installed, and they also increase the quality of life of the occupants.


Elevators for disabled persons

Elevators for the disabled offer easier transportation to people who have reduced mobility. They are ideal for older people, the disabled and people who have difficulties moving. The SIGET DIZALA company manufactures lifts for disabled people according to their needs.

Elevators for public use

Elevators for public use make access and mobility in urban places such as airports, train and bus stations and markets easier. They enable access to a large number of people and are often in operation.


Hospital elevators

Hospital elevators are part of medical institutions. They provide the comfortable and safe rides for patients, medical staff and medical equipment. Hospital lifts enable the unimpeded transportation of individuals in wheelchairs or hospital beds.


Service elevators

Service elevators have a wide range of possible applications. They are used in private houses, hotels, restaurants, public institutions, hospitals, etc. Service elevators are most often located in the kitchen, so they are also called kitchen lifts.

Freight elevators

Freight elevators are used in industrial buildings, warehouses, shopping centres, medical institutions, etc. We adjust the elevator to your needs and wishes (such as size and features), and the possibilities of the space itself.

Car elevators

Car elevators are intended to transport a personal car and driver, without having the driver leave the vehicle. They are used in car salons, garages, buildings, etc. They are a great solution for locations where usual access is not possible.