More than 25 years of experience in elevator production!

SIGET DIZALA specializes in the design and production of custom-made elevators. We manufacture complete elevators or only deliver the necessary components, as per your wishes.
The dedication to quality, knowledge and experience of our employees enable the completion of the most challenging and unique projects and ensure the reliability and durability of the elevators we produce. Our employees are our strength. We currently have 23 employees, 8 of who are university educated. We encourage the education of our employees, which allows our company to modernize and digitalize its business and find a sure-fire way to success.
The SIGET DIZALA company delivers complete elevators for many installers and partners who install our elevators under their names. This means that our elevators can be found in many popular business and shopping centres, hospitals and residential buildings. We do business with integrity and respect towards our clients, employees and business partners. Contact us with complete confidence and we won’t let you down.
„Always deliver more than expected“ – Larry Page

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