Enjoying the ride and the panoramic view

Panoramic elevators are one of the most prestigious types of elevators. They can be located in business and shopping centres, hotels, restaurants and houses. A panoramic lift is an important element of an architectural design of a building. Panoramic elevators are often installed to bring new life into buildings and make them more modern and attractive. Attractive panoramic rides don’t just serve the purpose of transporting passengers vertically, but they also offer an enjoyment of viewing the entire space.

SIGET DIZALA specializes in making panoramic lifts, and our employees have many years of experience making panoramic elevators according to customers’ needs and wishes.

Increase your customer and employee satisfaction

People afraid of tight spaces won’t have a problem riding a panoramic elevator. Because of the attractiveness of a panoramic ride, the usage of the lift is increased and shopping and spending is increased, which is especially important for shopping centres. Also, riding such an elevator relaxes employees in a stressful environment. So, using panoramic elevators is a profitable solution from a commercial standpoint because it enables an increase in company profits by increasing the sales levels, as well as a significant increase in status in the eyes of the customers, employees and other visitors.

The SIGET DIZALA company ensures the warranty, maintenance and acquisition of spare parts.


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