An elevator increases the quality of life and the value of the building

Installing elevators into existing buildings is much easier and faster than you might think. The residents will notice the advantage right away. Access to every apartment will become easier, and the value of the building will also increase. A lift in a building makes access easier for the elderly and disabled, as well as for families with children. Installing a lift into a building increases the quality of your life because it enables faster and simpler transportation. The access to higher floors of the building is made easier for guests, as well as occupants of the building. The company SIGET DIZALA installs the lift into the building on a turnkey basis, which means that our team manages all the necessary work with minimal interference in the everyday lives of the occupants.

Every elevator is unique because we custom-make it. Depending on the possibilities of the building, we find the most suitable technical solution. We can install an elevator into every building. Whether the elevator will be installed on the outside or on the inside depends on the size of your staircase.
An elevator can be installed in the middle of a staircase, in the atrium, by removing a part of the staircase, on the façade or directly into an apartment.

5 steps to a new elevator:

DECISION The first thing to do is to gather information about suitable solutions for your building, acquire permits and subsidies, and make a rough estimate of the costs. Feel free to contact us for help with this step.
FINANCING In the second step, you need to think about how the project will be financed and how the expenses will be shared among the occupants.
PLANNING We will determine the location for the installation of the elevator, make architectural and engineering plans for the shaft and design the lift, and you will make sure all the permits are prepared.
CONSTRUCTING This phase includes preparing the building, installing the construction and the elevator itself, and finally, cleaning up. Before we hand over the elevator, we will conduct a technical inspection of it.
MAINTENANCE Our maintenance service includes maintaining your elevator throughout the duration of its lifetime. If there are problems, our capable technicians will repair the elevator as quickly as possible.

The SIGET DIZALA company ensures the warranty, maintenance and acquisition of spare parts.


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